National Careers Institute

Australia’s front door to careers information and support.

The National Careers Institute (NCI) was established in July 2019 to simplify access to careers information and provide reliable information and career guidance services to navigate the changing world of work and help people build sustainable and fulfilling careers.

The NCI supports Australia’s education, training, and employment systems by serving as the authoritative and trusted source of careers information and aims to:

Inform – Strengthen careers data, information, and support to enable individuals to manage and develop their career more effectively

Connect – Foster partnerships between individuals, industry, employers, schools, career advisors and career influencers to encourage information sharing, collaboration, and best practice across the careers sector

Promote – Promote careers and skills development by driving awareness of career information and services, learning, and working pathways so that individuals are informed to better navigate their career options.

Designed by the NCI, helps people plan for their future career and prepare for education, training, or work opportunities, and understand how to transfer current skills into new career pathways.

To allow people to tailor information to their own interests there are a range of tools available on Your Career to explore career options:

Your Future Career.
Explore occupations that are suited to interests, skills, and experience.
Your Options Now.
Find occupations to pursue now or via a short course.

Tailored information and resources for school leavers and their parents and guardians is also provided to support well informed decision making and provide a range of options on career choice and pathways:

School Leavers Information Kit (SLIK).
Helps provide access to information about training, employment options and available services.
Parents and Guardians Guide for School Leavers.
Summarises resources and information in the SLIK and helps parents support their children in exploring the education, training and work options.

Your Career continues to evolve to enable all Australians to take the next step in their career.

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