myfuture is a national career information service that offers unbiased career information to assist students and career influencers with career planning and development, career pathways and work transitions.

It provides students with a secure and private place where they can prepare for life after school, learn more about themselves, explore their career opportunities and expand their knowledge about the world of work.

For almost 20 years, myfuture has been a highly regarded and trusted source of career information and career education resources for students, school communities and key influencers such as parents and carers.

The targeted tools and resources available have been carefully developed for myfuture by career and education experts to assist students as they begin their career exploration journey. Some of the most popular resources include:


  • My career profile which supports students to develop better self-awareness, discover a variety of occupations that align to their interests and skills, giving them more confidence when considering future career options.
  • Career Bullseyes, which are found in classrooms across Australia, encourage students to explore how different school learning areas relate to careers.
  • Real-life Career stories from young people, which are also available in video format.
  • Over 100 Career articles about career-relevant topics, which can be filtered to find articles relevant to each student’s circumstance.
  • Teaching resources such as videos, curriculum-aligned lesson plans and activity sheets designed to support educators to embed career learning across the curriculum.
  • Resources found on the Assist Your Child page supports parents and carers to have more-insightful, two-way conversations with students about future career pathways.

myfuture also showcases over 350 occupations and offers information about vocational education and training, and higher education pathways, to provide a complete picture of opportunities related to possible careers.

Students using the service also receive access to important industry information, such as employment prospects, because of myfuture’s access to official government data and partnership with organisations and industries. This gives students a realistic understanding of the opportunities and challenges they will face when making career decisions.

Start exploring with myfuture today!