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In the digital age, students demand engaging platforms and programs which provide self-directed and exploratory workflows.

My Careers is an inclusive software platform that engages and empowers all young people to navigate their journeys from school to a productive, thriving adulthood, and for career advisors to deliver comprehensive, agile and purposeful guidance.

Over the past 3 years, My Careers have been working with inventive, innovative and creative educators who have been welcoming blended learning, competency-based assessment, online learning, learning analytics and micro-credentialing to create a unique software platform that is as dynamic and adaptable as the technology around which our society now revolves.

My Careers is a platform designed to be co-developed to meet the changing needs of our education landscape. Whether it be the micro-credentialing, skills recognition or video integration for today’s blended learning environments, the team is meticulously innovating and seeking to work with schools to tailor the software to their individual and specific needs.

If you are interested in digitising your careers workflow, the team are offering free Digital Careers workshops during National Careers Week. In this workshop, you’ll not only learn more about the platform they have built but also hear how the changing landscape of careers in Australia demands a new type of platform – built for innovation in blended learning environments.

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may 19 (Tuesday) - 24 (Sunday)


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